Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quiet Storm?

Alright, so sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been really busy studying for finals and all that, but I have a few posts I'd like to do. So, this first one is about "quiet storm" music, or those tunes that are just so chill and sensual that you can't help but bob your head with a small smile.

There are links if you press on the main song titles (every other song has a link listed under it):

You've Got the Love by Florence and the Machine (The XX Remix)

Alright, so this song was the first XX song I ever listened to. So, when I first heard the XX, I thought Oliver Sim (the male singer) was some smooth looking black dude, similar to George Benson or Luther Vandross. Turns out..

Check out this link for a picture of the band:

He's the dude on the very right.

The XX won the Barclaycard Mercury Prize, and they very much deserved it. Other good songs from The XX are "Crystalised" and "Islands."


Islands has a cool music video:

Another sensual song is:
"Aztec Girl"by John Beltran featuring Sol Set

Starting out with a spanish guitar medley, and quickly evolving into a fusion jazz jam, this song is super swagged out in terms of smoothness.

"Take You There" by Chase & Status

Chase & Status is a British drum and bass duo that usually has songs with an aggressive feel. However, this song is a bit different in terms of its subject matter. I've started a dubstep remix of this song that I might share once I think it's far enough along to share (y'know).

"You're Not My Girl" by Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie is a talented producer, singer, and rapper who has done stuff for Rick Ross, Cassie, and Kid Cudi.

This is a video of "R-Les" producing with Kid Cudi in the studio.

He also does his own stuff; "You're Not My Girl" has that light MJ vibe kinda.. He has some other cool songs too, y'all should check them out.

Alright, I'm out, I'm too tired right now to think of any other good songs. Peace

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