Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fade Into Darkness (Penguin) (Vocal Mix)

I haven't seen this mp3 floating around, but my friend has apparently. This is the much coveted track "Penguin (Fade Into Darkness) (Vocal Mix) (featuring Alex Prigenzi)" by Avicii.

I'll do a post on Avicii, later.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Is Me, Procrastinating

I have finals right now, but I'm procrastinating, so fuck it.
I haven't posted anything for a while, because no-one reads this crap, but I've had SO many hot tracks.

(By the way, if you haven't heard yet, Coachella 2012 tickets are being sold NOW. Ticket sale started Friday, and will end this Friday. This Coachella is going to have TWO weekends (never been done before, blud,) and it's going to be the same artists for both weekends. Bought mine on Friday, for the first weekend.)

I guess I'm somewhat obliged to talk about the albums/artists that have been generating the largest buzz in 2011:
Goblin (Tyler, the Creator)
Rolling Papers (Wiz Khalifa)
Mac Miller
Bon Iver
Doctor P
Calvin Harris

Miike Snow
Gold Panda

Actually, I'll do this post on Tuesday. I guess this is just a preview post. But, yeah, look out for the posts about these artists.

EDIT: Whoa, just realized that this is me, procrastinating on procrastinating. I guess Gav ( was right! Imma go study.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The RAC (Remix Artist Collective)

From "The Remix Artist Collective (RAC) is an agency of international members who create re-interpretative rock/electronica/dance remixes for musical artists."

Whatever. Point is, they make TIGHT remixes... Here are some I liked:


The first song on that is "Stay Close" by Delorean, but it's a RAC remix... It's berry nIsse

The last song on that is "Armistice" by Phoenix... remixed by RAC.. it's also very nice

Click here for "New Theory" and "Worse It Gets" (RAC Remixes)

"New Theory" is originally by Washed Out
"Worse It Gets" is originally by Penguin Prison

The thing I like about RAC's remixes is that they're really mellow, but also french house-y/pop-y at the same time... chill melodies, mellow beats... I LOVE ET

"Sleeping Lesson" by The Shins (RAC Remix)

If you don't already know about The Shins, I recommend you check them out... They've been popular for a while now, but their music never gets old... But this RAC remix is exceptional... Adds a new flavor to a classic

And that's all for now.... Have a lot of work to do. Peace

EDIT: You can download some of their albums for free:
Volume 1
Volume 1.5
Volume 2

Best of all, it's not illegal or immoral; The RAC gave the links for their free albums on their website.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

To tell the truth... Space Vagina.

To tell the truth.... I kinda want to rename this blog "Space Vagina"... mostly because of the picture I'm using as the background. I'm not going to... but still... hahaha

Glass Jar

Found a tight new track, it's called "Glass Jar" by Gang Gang Dance. The beginning is really weird, but to really see hear what I'm talking about, you'll have to listen to the entire track. It's got some really tight astral, ambient style stuff going on.. I really like it. Gonna make a dubstep remix of it when I get the time motivitation to. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quiet Storm?

Alright, so sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been really busy studying for finals and all that, but I have a few posts I'd like to do. So, this first one is about "quiet storm" music, or those tunes that are just so chill and sensual that you can't help but bob your head with a small smile.

There are links if you press on the main song titles (every other song has a link listed under it):

You've Got the Love by Florence and the Machine (The XX Remix)

Alright, so this song was the first XX song I ever listened to. So, when I first heard the XX, I thought Oliver Sim (the male singer) was some smooth looking black dude, similar to George Benson or Luther Vandross. Turns out..

Check out this link for a picture of the band:

He's the dude on the very right.

The XX won the Barclaycard Mercury Prize, and they very much deserved it. Other good songs from The XX are "Crystalised" and "Islands."


Islands has a cool music video:

Another sensual song is:
"Aztec Girl"by John Beltran featuring Sol Set

Starting out with a spanish guitar medley, and quickly evolving into a fusion jazz jam, this song is super swagged out in terms of smoothness.

"Take You There" by Chase & Status

Chase & Status is a British drum and bass duo that usually has songs with an aggressive feel. However, this song is a bit different in terms of its subject matter. I've started a dubstep remix of this song that I might share once I think it's far enough along to share (y'know).

"You're Not My Girl" by Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie is a talented producer, singer, and rapper who has done stuff for Rick Ross, Cassie, and Kid Cudi.

This is a video of "R-Les" producing with Kid Cudi in the studio.

He also does his own stuff; "You're Not My Girl" has that light MJ vibe kinda.. He has some other cool songs too, y'all should check them out.

Alright, I'm out, I'm too tired right now to think of any other good songs. Peace

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello, my name is Francis Lee. I am currently a high school student (as of 2010,) and I aspire to be a musician when I need to pick an occupation. This blog will concern my life, but will also be a bit of a music blog too, because of my obsession with music.


Alright, so, I've been a fan of Flying Lotus for some time now, and for all y'all who haven't heard him yet, I think you should. Fun fact: Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison) is the great nephew of the late John and Alice Coltrane! He is also the cousin of Ravi Coltrane, which is pretty cool, as they've toured together ocassionally.

This song:
Massage Situation-Flying Lotus

This is the song that hooks many people to Flying Lotus. However, it's not the one that hooked me (I got hooked from the first FlyLo song I listened to) which would be this one:

Pickled-Flying Lotus

Good song, good song.. But if you're not feeling it, and want something slower and more chill, here's a darker song with more of a hip hop vibe to it.

Computer Face/Pure Being-Flying Lotus

Here's one last song that I'll introduce. It's called "Do the Astral Plane" and it's a favorite among FlyLo's following. He plays this song at the end of his live sets, and it's definitely a crowd pleaser.

Do the Astral Plane-Flying Lotus

There are many many many many many many many other great amazing songs by FlyLo that I love, and the ones I've listed so far aren't my absolute FlyLo favorites, but they are decent.

Buy his albums, and listen to them from the beginning to end.
His new EP, Pattern + Grid World, isn't as good as his others, so I recommend listening to em later, if you still like FlyLo, as I hope you will.

My favorites:
Parisian Goldfish
Breathe. Something/Stellar Star
Galaxy in Janaki
SexSlaveShip (This one is a bit darker than the rest, because, well, it actually does sound a bit like what a SexSlaveShip would sound like if it flew and cruised space in a strange and twisted journey to seek the complexes of BDSM and masochism that intertwine with sexual urges... Ugh it's so weird, but the textures and the vibe are pretty cool, and very creative. Notice the chains rattling; it's just plain creepy/creative!)