Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello, my name is Francis Lee. I am currently a high school student (as of 2010,) and I aspire to be a musician when I need to pick an occupation. This blog will concern my life, but will also be a bit of a music blog too, because of my obsession with music.


Alright, so, I've been a fan of Flying Lotus for some time now, and for all y'all who haven't heard him yet, I think you should. Fun fact: Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison) is the great nephew of the late John and Alice Coltrane! He is also the cousin of Ravi Coltrane, which is pretty cool, as they've toured together ocassionally.

This song:
Massage Situation-Flying Lotus

This is the song that hooks many people to Flying Lotus. However, it's not the one that hooked me (I got hooked from the first FlyLo song I listened to) which would be this one:

Pickled-Flying Lotus

Good song, good song.. But if you're not feeling it, and want something slower and more chill, here's a darker song with more of a hip hop vibe to it.

Computer Face/Pure Being-Flying Lotus

Here's one last song that I'll introduce. It's called "Do the Astral Plane" and it's a favorite among FlyLo's following. He plays this song at the end of his live sets, and it's definitely a crowd pleaser.

Do the Astral Plane-Flying Lotus

There are many many many many many many many other great amazing songs by FlyLo that I love, and the ones I've listed so far aren't my absolute FlyLo favorites, but they are decent.

Buy his albums, and listen to them from the beginning to end.
His new EP, Pattern + Grid World, isn't as good as his others, so I recommend listening to em later, if you still like FlyLo, as I hope you will.

My favorites:
Parisian Goldfish
Breathe. Something/Stellar Star
Galaxy in Janaki
SexSlaveShip (This one is a bit darker than the rest, because, well, it actually does sound a bit like what a SexSlaveShip would sound like if it flew and cruised space in a strange and twisted journey to seek the complexes of BDSM and masochism that intertwine with sexual urges... Ugh it's so weird, but the textures and the vibe are pretty cool, and very creative. Notice the chains rattling; it's just plain creepy/creative!)